Hoxeyville Music Festival 2011

I am stoked to write about Hoxeyville Music Festival today, a week after the fun and festivities. I am proud to tell that I was the graphic designer behind their look and feel for this year. The look I designed was used on posters, handbills, the website and web banners, t-shirts (including a custom license plate design) and programs! I was so excited to see people wearing it, carrying it and enjoying the festival.

There was a lot of great great music - Steppin In It, Seth and May, Airborne or Aquatic, Starlight Six, GREENSKY BLUEGRASS, The Itals, Ivan Neville's Dumpstafunk, Ella Riot, Digital Tape Machine, Mickey Hart, and Umphrey's McGee to name a few... With three stages, endless campsites and all that great food and vending, it was hard to see it all. But I managed to see almost all the music. Except Todd Snider, which I am ashamed to say I heard only at my campsite. Even a groupie needs a break. :)

It was bittersweet being there without Benn, the original Hoxeyville gangsta. I thought of him every minute of every hour. I thought about how much we enjoyed seeing music together, and with that thought made it to as many of the shows as possible. It made me feel so happy and normal to watch music. Anyway, the highlight for me after 9 years of attending this festival was witnessing the late night pickin jam with Greensky and Seth and May. There were probably tons of others there that I just couldn't see or hear, but it was so amazing to be there and hear them at their most natural and finest. Super awesome too, because Benn and I always wanted to party with Greensky at Hoxeyville, so in a way I got to, and I danced and smiled and enjoyed every second. For both of us. I thank Jake and Kristin so much for the gift of music.

Whew. So onto the visuals. Here is a mix of posters, handbills, festival photos and whatever else. I love taking photos, more probably for me as a documentation factor. But you know us designers, always trying to get creative with things... anyway I hope you enjoy. I know I did.